Almaty City plans to construct and commission more than 880,000 square meters of dwelling this year within the housing construction program, according to Akim Imangali Tasmagambetov.


"In 2007, we plan to construct more than 880,000 square meters of dwelling within the housing construction program, including 620,000 square meters in apartment buildings and 120,000 square meters intended for purposes of mortgage lending," he said at the Wednesday meeting with Almaty public.


Kazakhstan has been carrying out its three-year housing construction program since 2005.

At the same time, the construction of select dwelling booms throughout the country, especially in the cities of Almaty and Astana.


With that, Tasmagambetov acknowledges failures in the program\'s implementation, namely in the distribution of dwelling and quality of newly constructed buildings.

Tasmagambetov informed that 830,000 square meters of dwelling were constructed and commissioned in Almaty last year, a 37% increase from 2005. These included 6 council houses, 39 apartment buildings that offer 1,615 apartments within the program of mortgage lending.

Meanwhile, the akim indicated that majority dwelling commissioned in Almaty are select houses with expensive flats.


He also mentioned the demolition of shabby and repair houses, all in all more than 90,000 houses, or a 3-4% of total townsite. Tasmagambetov indicated that compensation for 100 square meters of a land plot over the past year soared from $18,000 to $57,000, for one square meter of dwelling from $900 to $3,500. Thus, developers paid out about 70 bl tenge as compensations to owners of demolished house! s in 200 6, according to the keynote speaker.


Source: Interfax-Kazakhstan.

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