Almaty, September of 2013 – A group of licensed appraisers at Scot Holland | CBRE | Kazakhstan and CBRE London has started a Valuation project for ‘Kazphosphate’ LLC land plots located in different regions of Kazakhstan. The aim of the appraisal process is to evaluate the land plots in order to get a fair market value which is reflected in financial reports.

The Client "Kazphosphate" LLC, is mainly engaged in exploration works, mining and processing of phosphate ores, production and sales of yellow phosphorus and its derivatives, phosphate fertilizers and fodder phosphates plus output of mineral raw material for industrial products.

The Company is the leader of the phosphorus industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and is also involved in phosphorus-containing production on the territory of several CIS countries. In addition to domestic use, the "Kazphosphate" LLC products are exported to the markets of Eastern & Western Europe, CIS countries, China and others.

"Kazphosphate" LLC is a long-term client of Scot Holland | CBRE Kazakhstan and is one of the key partners of the company. Productive and mutually beneficial cooperation has been conducted since 2009 in the sphere of valuation.

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